The search engine Yahoo integrates images ultimately Flickr Photos

Yahoo! has announced on his blog that he has (finally) to integrate Flickr photos published on its search engine images on the web, smartphones and tablets. It was time ...

We must remember that the famous photo-sharing site was launched in early 2004, before being purchased a year later by the giant Yahoo! and thus the integration of pictures in search of still pictures arrived eight years after the takeover. Find the error.

If you search for images on the search of images of the firm, you should see a new option in the left menu and especially below filters by date, source, size and colour. This option entitled "Labeled for Reuse" to display only photos that are licensed under Creative Commons and potentially reusable (it is strongly advised to check the exact terms specified in the license to be sure). Flickr is an incredible image bank with billions of pictures referenced, even if they are obviously not all reusable.

Note that this new feature image search engine Yahoo! is currently not available on the French version so it must go through the English version to enjoy.

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