MSN Messenger: one year break?!

A little earlier in the week , we learned with surprise that Microsoft had put an end to the adventure MSN Messenger , preferring to focus on one of the recent acquisition of the firm, namely Skype. It was so small that the issue mail client bows out March 15, but the firm would eventually preferred to leave some respite to its users. Yes, and if you're one of these, then you should know that you should be able to continue using MSN Messenger until 2014 . Wonderful, is not it?

Attention all de same because Microsoft has not yet released any official statement. In fact, according to the information of Ars Technica , the company would simply send a mail to MSN Messenger users to serve them the good news. In my case, after searching my username for a good hour, I could see that I was not part of the users who received this nice letter, which also means that this information is obviously taken with large tweezers.

So of course, it is perfectly possible to wonder what would have pushed Microsoft to postpone the closure of its service. And in fact, several hypotheses are viable. First of all, is that the firm is not ready yet, technically speaking, to make the leap. MSN Messenger, we know, is integrated into several services it publishes, which is not yet the case of Skype. In this context, precipitating the closure of its mail client and the network could have a detrimental effect on all of the products depends on it. This is the case, it seems to me, the Xbox or even Windows Phone.

And then there's Skype. Skype is a great solution, of course, but that does not necessarily have the same functionality as MSN Messenger. It was also seen when the announcement of the closure of the latter has been made, a lot of people are on the frontlines to signify their displeasure. Including forums specialized sites, and not only Doctissimo (/ troll).

In this context, Microsoft might be tempted to turn back. Must also say, such a closure is not consistent with the image of really cool box that the firm tries to give a few months. In any case, if some of you have received this email famous, it would be nice to send me a copy frederic.pereira AT gmail DOT com . Thank you in advance!

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