Nexus 4: Prices explode

The Nexus 4 Google should bow out as the vice president of LG. The end of life will she an impact on the selling price? The answer could be positive because a site offers Smartphone at a price pretty incredible.

The Nexus 4 is still absent Store Play Google , but users can buy it on other platforms. Some sites offer merchants or SFR Smartphone. Demand was very strong when the mobile integrated market, but production did not satisfy consumers. Many people can not order it at the store, they still able to find it on the web, but the prices are quite high. Eg SFR offers in its catalog costs 629.90 euros while 349 were sold on Google Play. This amount may seem exorbitant, but Grosbill did much better.

An Exorbitant Price

A few days ago, the site posted Grosbill Nexus 4-299 euros, but the amount has changed suddenly. Now, it will cost 1000 euros to buy the smartphone. For now, it is not for sale, but the amount may be a mistake. When available, it will return to the site to see Grosbill the true price. In all cases, with a rate of 1000 euros, the stock should not be empty quickly.

The Vice President of LG said at CES that the Nexus 4 was the beginning of a long adventure. The company should offer in partnership with another Google Nexus from the MWC, the Nexus 4 should bow out. Becoming a scarce commodity prices are expected to fly to the sites where it is available as eBay.

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