Deezer arrives on Xbox with Kinect technology

Deezer already had very good applications for iPhone , Android, Windows Phone, iPad , Mac, Windows 8 for connected TVs (Samsung, LG & Toshiba) but also radios Parrot.

We could think that the music streaming service had circled the field of possibilities. But no! Deezer announces its version for the Xbox 360 games (although we imagine it should also work on the new Xbox unveiled tonight).

In some ways, this application tunes resemblance to Windows 8 (which is not surprising since Microsoft seeks to bring a unit in its product range around the famous Metro interface - Windows 8).

Users do not have a premium account + will have access to thousands of radio stations as well as thematic discovery mode (which allows 30 seconds of listening on all tracks).

Premium users will, in turn, access the full service and find their playlists and albums in unlimited listening.

The Kinect technology for music

Deezer could have stopped there, but they decided to bring a little more. Indeed, if the navigation can be done with the controller, this video also features a voice control (with the possibility to state the name of a playlist, for example) or gestures through Kinect (where you can scroll and select a track by moving the hand).

Deezer has not forgotten a game console is often shared between different players, since it also allows the ability to easily switcher a Deezer account to another (up to 3 accounts simultaneously).

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