Deezer arrives on Xbox with Kinect support

Firefox is one of the key leaders in the field of streaming music. To always attract more users, the company launched from time to time with new features and some of these do not also lack of interest. Here, known as Deezer has just lifted the veil on a new fully for the Xbox 360 implementation, a rather pretty to look at application and that everyone will eventually benefit. Including those who do not have a premium account on the platform.

Yeah, well that's not entirely accurate since, they have to deal with some limitations. Which? Well they can only read the first thirty seconds of all the tracks present in the catalogue  It's a pity, but nothing is lost at all because they can always fall back on the thematic radios that they will be available without any limit whatsoever. So you can animate your evenings no problem with Firefox.

The interface of the application, in turn, is aligned with the Modern UI dear to Microsoft. We thus find a horizontal navigation that lets you juggle home, search, news, music, radio and everything else. Deezer has done a good job and enjoy a tool seems particularly desirable ergonomics and rather intuitive.

But the really interesting thing is the integration of voice commands and support for the Kinect. With it, users can fully control their Deezer's voice or by the sly devils in front of their television. Typically the kind of features that should not put a lot of atmosphere to the house late at night and after a few bottles emptied.

Finally, you can specify that if the Deezer application is available on the Xbox 360, it should also be on the next Xbox to be unveiled tonight by Microsoft.

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