Google Drive: a new interface for Android app

Google loves maps, and you can even say that he loves. Proof is, after entering Google Now, the latter eventually landed on Google+ and it seems that the giant does not want to stay there. Yes, because it has deployed a new version of Google Drive, a version that takes advantage of a redesigned interface that is based on the famous card. The result is obviously not lack of interest and if you have a terminal in Android, well aware that you will be able to enjoy it now. Great, is not it? Certainly, and this is why we talk about it.

As you can see from the picture that accompanies this article, the new Google Drive is not unattractive. No, contrary to recent updates to the application, it is a complete redesign and pushes the concept far enough. Oh, of course, at the top, you always find the good old horizontal bar that allows us to access the main features of the tool, but it is quite another for a list of documents stored on the account.

These are actually the latter that is now displayed in the cards when you switch over to the new view mode, or the "Grid" mode. The interesting thing is that we allow each thumbnail to preview the associated document without having to open it. Better for us to make a clearer picture, we can also start quick overview to briefly examine the contents.

Google Drive: a scanner and saving documents locally

Not bad, and it is not finished because our friends Googlers have also added a feature that should please a lot of people because it is... a scanner. When you want to create a new document, so you can select the "scan" option and then photographed in the process, the document you want to scan. Last but not least, as told by our friends eating pudding, it may also save a copy of the selected document... locally. Very handy, especially for those who spend their lives in the subway.

Well, it's not all that, but we would like to have the same thing on iOS.

Download Google Drive on Play Store

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