GTA 5: information on the "collector" versions

The delay of GTA 5 has some teeth gnashing and it is perhaps for this reason that Rockstar distills more information about his upcoming title. This time, the publisher wanted to shed light on both editions "collector" Grand Theft Auto 5, editions it is possible to pre-order now and that will give some very interesting bonus. Bonus "real" or "virtual" because it will also issue weapons, uniforms and additional vehicles, as well as some very interesting bonus. Needless to say, all the information that go are just a little later in the article, eh?

We must admit, at this time, means a lot to talk about GTA 5. Just last month, we were treated to three trailers featuring the three heroes of the game, or Michael, Trevor and Franklin. High colour video and also allowed us to better understand the personal history of these three thugs.

Today, Rockstar has decided to give a layer, this time, information on the two versions of "collector" of GTA 5. As often with titles so popular - and expected - that he, the editor has actually decided to launch no less than three different versions: a standard for players who do not necessarily want to empty their bank account, and two versions a little more "rich" and taking advantage of additional content.

These are the characteristics of these two special versions:

Special Edition - € 79.99: Contains artbook and a map of Los Santos in poster format, a plan that will no doubt soon to adorn the wall of your bedroom, your living room or office.
Collector version - € 149.99: This edition includes everything that can be found in the special version, with a few additions like playing in a metal case, a baseball cap and a pouch which can be locked.

Well, from this perspective, one might think that it's a bit of a scam, but be aware that these versions also incorporate a lot of bonus "in game". With them, each character will have their special ability bar to increase by 25% , a bar that also recharge 25% faster. In addition, players will receive new weapons, new outfits, new tattoos and even new vehicles.

Not bad, right? True, and if you are interested, know that both editions will be available for pre-order in the coming hours, all with delivery scheduled for September 17.

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