Xbox One: up to Xbox Live Gold subscription?

Until now, Xbox Live is declined in two distinct offerings: the Silver, to download demos and bonus and Gold, for the right to play in multiplayer. Thereupon, there was also a special solution for the whole family and to ensure that all players in a single household should buy all their subscription. Friendly, yes, but the Xbox One will change everything. If one believes Polygon, Microsoft would actually change strategy by eliminating altogether the offer dedicated to the family. And both say that this could have an impact for all players on Xbox officiating.

The first thing to know to begin with is that the Xbox Live Gold subscription will work as well on Xbox One on Xbox 360. If you decide to splurge on the new console from Microsoft, so you will not need to iron to the body and you can find your subscription, your profile and all related information. It was pretty predictable, but it will not fail to comfort all players who posed the question precisely.

Another novelty is the removal of the offer Xbox Live Gold Family. An offer that will disappear very soon in the intricacies of the "cloud" and will no longer be available at all. The question you should definitely ask yourself is whether it will be replaced by a new subscription solution and finally the answer is one word: no. Rest assured, however, because it does not mean that all members of your family gamers will purchase their own subscription. No, actually, once the offer is associated with Gold console, above all configured profiles can enjoy.

Xbox Live Gold: A subscription for the whole family

If you and your brother / father / mother want to play multiplayer on Xbox One, so you will have to pay one Gold membership will be automatically shared among all family members.

Here, one might think that Microsoft gave us a huge gift, and it may be the case, but it must nevertheless temper that good news since the company has not yet announced the price of its offer Gold, there therefore know how it will actually cost us and u will increase is perfectly conceivable . Especially when you know that Microsoft has invested in no less than 300,000 servers to support the launch of its new console, and allow players to compete in the best possible conditions. A significant investment, which will of course be profitable in one way or another.

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