A wonderful concept Nintendo smartphone

Nintendo , it's not really right now. If the 3DS has sold quite well, it is quite another for the Wii U and it is all the more worrying that it had no real competitor in front so far. What will change soon with the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And if we add to this the explosion of smartphones and tablet PCs, it is said that the Japanese giant is likely to have trouble keeping his footing. The solution, finally, it might be that he is interested in other markets and creative T3 must be thinking the same thing since I have developed a wonderful concept featuring smartphone Nintendo.

We must admit, this concept should appeal to many. On the question of design, T3 opted for a mobile with very clean lines and is reminiscent both of those HTC One and those of Samsung Galaxy S4. The two mixed together, of course. The result is very pleasant and this concept and has nothing to envy the most beautiful devices currently available on the market.

However, no offense to Jony Ive and his henchmen, the design is not everything. And a smartphone meet the expected success, it really needs a strong ecosystem on which to build. The smartphone is designed by T3 pretty strong on that side because it was thought to be able to act as well ... handheld. The opposite would have been surprising, of course, but the idea of being able to run a small Mario on his mobile, and therefore in any event, not lack of interest so far.

So of course, this concept is also nice to share all the tools and all platforms, developed by Nintendo. Through it, users would have access to manage their profile, a tool for instant messaging as well as much other all the more fun than the other stuff. All in a very "Nintendo-esque" atmosphere, even if the interface of the platform could be a little more successful ... and more original. There, the state was especially the feeling of being faced with a theme found on Cydia and it's a shame.

Anyway, for the rest, this video should delight all those who remained loyal to the brand, and hopes that it will manage to return to the front of the stage.

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