Spotify: a widget to integrate the most popular songs on your site

Spotify works very well and the platform has over 24 million active users around the globe. It must also be said that the small Swedish never ceases to add features to its service, we recently had the evidence with the arrival of its web version or even that famous functionality to integrate a track n 'any website through a kind EMBED code. Sharing favorite songs with the entire community. And just imagine that Spotify has decided to put the cover with a new feature of the same type, a feature that will allow you simply to integrate the most popular songs from the catalog on your website or blog.

This is obviously not the revolution of the year, that's for sure, but this novelty should still appeal to all those who are present on the platform and who like to offer from time to time the music to their readers. And especially as developed by the small company widget is rather full.

As you can see by taking a peek at the end of this section, developed by Spotify widget does not lack of interest. Particularly complete, you will slowly animate your site, or some of your items, without taking your head. First observation, it actually incorporates two tabs, one for the Top 50 Spotify, another for the Top 50 Social. What is it? Easy to say that we find here all the most shared tracks by users. Very convenient to find the pieces that work best.

Spotify: stuffed widget functionality

In addition, on the right, one can also detect the presence of a very funny flag, a flag that will allow you to switch between different countries since all the information given by the widget are actually geotagged. Knowing the Top 50 of our Russian friends is not necessarily identical to the Top 50 in the UK or even France, it is obviously a very good thing.

Just below the tabs, we also find an option that will allow us to choose the period of interest. We can therefore easily see the top of the week, or that of the previous week, or even that of the week before.

It's not bad, of course, but is not perfect, however, and the biggest flaw of this widget is that it only supports unfortunately not playing songs. In other words, when you click on a track, the guy you refer to the web version of Spotify and you will therefore have to go through it to play the selected track.

If you want to include this widget on your site, remember that all the information to do so are here.

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