YouTube: a new interface for channels under test

All services published by Google, and there are a whole lot, YouTube  is undoubtedly among those who see the most change their interface. In recent years, the search giant has deployed  a number of updates, not hesitating to break the habits of millions of users attending the platform. And indeed, if the subject interests you, then you will probably be pleased to learn that YouTube is currently testing a new interface for channels. For now, few people can benefit, of course, but you'll still be able to find a nice catch in the rest of the article.

Must admit, next to the home page and pages of videos, YouTube channels are more gray mine. They are not ugly to look at, it is true, but they have  absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the service  and understand why Google decided to make them enjoy a whole new interface.

As you can see on the capture that accompanies this article, the new version of YouTube channels will be much clearer and it is also reminiscent ... Google+. It must also be said that it marked  a real breakthrough in the history of the firm. Even though the latter had never really interested in the aspect of its various services, the launch of its social network has grown to realize that it was now impossible to ignore it. This was followed by several notable updates that have given life to a true identity. Identity found in the new version of YouTube, of course, and also  on the new strings, of course.

It is interesting to note also is that these arise as ultimately more pages, or as  mini-sites. We find a broad and customizable header, highlighting social networks of users and a menu that will allow us to switch between videos, discussions, research, and the rest. Well, obviously, we see much more on this capture, but I must admit that it looks very interesting.

And to my knowledge, there is currently no trick to activate the new interface. So, we'll have to be patient. And here is a preview and you can get a clearer idea of ​​these new channels.

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