Twitter: soon a two-factor authentication for greater security?

I do not speak due to time constraints but Twitter has recently been the victim of a particularly vicious attack which has compromised no less than 250,000 accounts. The Californian firm has obviously not quick to react by contacting the holders of these accounts, but it seems does not want to stop there. Twitter could soon deploy an update to implement a double authentication. Exactly like what Google offers for some time now. And when you see the number of attacks suffered by the service, we say that it would not necessarily luxury.

From what we know, this latest attack would have compromised more than 250,000 accounts. Accounts belonging to anonymous, of course, like you and me, but also a few celebrities. Incredible, is not it? Of course, although we do not know exactly what data have been collected by our nasty pirates, it seems that the usernames, email addresses and passwords are concerned.

To prevent this from happening, Twitter would therefore put in place a new system based on two-factor authentication. The procedure is fully automated and this new system is put in place so that when the user logs in from a terminal that is not recognized by the service. As the office computer, the touch pad or the neighbor. There obviously still require Twitter password of the user, but it could send more SMS with a unique identification code and generated randomly.

As mentioned a little earlier, Twitter is not the first to implement a system such as Google already proposed in recent years. However, if you are worried about the security of your account, you would perhaps go look towards all the permissions given to software and third party services. Because casually, cleaning from time to time, it does not hurt anyone.

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