Mega Manager: an Android application to manage its Mega

Mega is available since a few weeks now and it's quickly managed to attract millions of users around the world. You may be one of these and it is even possible that you have completely turned their backs on your old storage solution in the "cloud" in favor of the new service for Kim Dot com. If this is the case, then Mega Manager should hold your interest since this application for Android will allow you to manage your account and files directly from your mobile device. Typically the kind of solution may be of interest to many.

Before going further, it should be noted that Mega Manager is nothing more than an alpha version. Very concretely, it is not a version called "production" and it also means that this tool will probably have to evolve over its next few weeks, or even months ahead. It is also possible that strange bugs occur from time to time and you should therefore not be surprised if this happens to you.

Now that the warning is made, we will be able to bounce on the functionality offered by Mega Manager. There is not very complicated since they are still very limited. In reality, for the moment, whatever the application will allow you to do is to log in to your account and explore the contents of your Mega. To explore, but also to download directly to your mobile if you wish.

However, the development of Mega Manager did not fail to communicate about the functions to come, and we learned that he had really go very far. His goal is actually to allow Mega Manager directly read files, allow you to manage your folders tree and a bunch of extra stuff like contact management, automatic sending of all images and videos captured with the device, the display of the history of transfers and more.

If you want to test the application, it is perfectly possible since it is available on the Play Store. But do not forget that this is not a final version.

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