Samsung Galaxy Camera: new ways of shooting!

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is really not a camera like the others. If positioned in the area of compact digital cameras, it has all-of-even had the audacity to build on Android to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And if we add to this the fact that it includes both a WiFi chip and a 3G chip, it is understandable why it has caused much ink. Yes, and if you have recently cracked a Galaxy Camera, then know that Samsung will soon update its firmware with a whole bunch of new very nice.

From the information available, this update is not yet deployed but it should arrive soon on the Galaxy Camera. What can specify is that it is possible to recover now the ROM that goes through Odin. That said, be aware that the procedure is not without risk and therefore better worth knowing what you are doing before you start. If anyone has more info on the subject, I'm interested.

And if not, what are the improvements made ​​by this update? They are quite numerous and are finally both the platform itself and the dedicated application for recording photos and videos. The pretty cool thing is that Samsung has introduced new ways to help you take very nice pictures without the need for you to bother with the camera settings.

Here is a list of these features:
  • New way of shooting "snow" to sublimate images taken in the snow, and it is frankly circumstances.
  • New way of shooting "food" to improve all the incredible dishes that you do on the weekend and you never fail to share with millions of followers.
  • New shooting mode "Party / Indoor" to immortalize your Skins Party with a superb rendering without blurring behind.
  • New way of shooting "Dawn" to take pretty pictures like the dawn comes on the horizon, and so when you suddenly decide to get up early in the morning.
  • Integration of a new feature to take control of the Galaxy Camera Remote with another smartphone or other touch pad.
  • Improving the fluidity of the platform, including the intelligent mode and expert mode.

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