3D printing: Nokia provides files to mold his own shells for the 820

3D printing is beginning to invite in the giants of the computer industry and digital. The Finnish manufacturer Nokia innovates by providing files to "print" their own covers for the Nokia 820.

3D printing, hitherto rather reserved to warn and still relatively confidential begins to invite in the computer industry giants and digital.

Nokia, seeking innovative ideas and regaining its markets, has launched an initiative for its customers which could mark a turning point in the relationship that consumers have with products: the ability to make your own shell their mobile phone.

Reserved for the last time in Nokia 820 Windows Phone, this option is made possible by the free supply by the Finnish manufacturer of 3D files that hold all the specifications of the rear bodywork of the smartphone.

Then simply run software 3D printing and open the file compatible for printing it. As the back of the Nokia 820 is removable, it is possible to replace it with its own shell.

Customization and manufacturing outsourced

Attention, it is not a traditional protective shell that fits on one device but its original shell, which wraps around the phone. Therefore, as long as one knows manipulate 3D software and modify or add shapes to a file 3D graphics, then it is possible to customize the shape of your mobile. Nokia provides also about this in a wiki dedicated to various ideas, such as the integration of a belt clip or strap, or the integration of a bigger battery.

According to John Kneeland, Nokia & Developer Community Marketing Manager, based in Silicon Valley, "(Nokia) could sell a variety of phone models, templates, and entrepreneurs in the world could mount a local manufacturer of business phones designed specifically as needs of their community".

3D files are provided in different standards, with two rendering options in STL and STP. Gimmick or real innovation and business opportunity? Waiting to see if other manufacturers - and not just in the phone or infomatique - Nokia to follow suit.

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