Here are some pictures and catch the supposed HTC Sense 5.0 M7 in

HTC is in a rather delicate after suffering several months of disappointing financial results. Since the end of the year, the Taiwanese renews its upsetting codes. Thus the first two Windows Phone 8 have unexpected design, being both very fine, with some usual colors and a very nice texture to the touch.

Where HTC is not a good student in terms of communication to the public, the 8X is a phone "signature" of Microsoft. Specifically, it is a little closer Nexus model, that is to say that the HTC product, but Microsoft does the communication component. In addition, important information: the Taiwanese company has decided to separate from the advertising agency Mother, who had achieved such publicity HTC One X with the parachute. There are hopeful that HTC has improved on this plan in 2013.

Even if the manufacturer has made ​​its first steps in Windows Phone 8, do not forget Android, thanks to Butterfly J / DROID DNA .... With its 5-inch screen and 1080p, it has the privilege of being the first model with its characteristics, where a very favorable reception from the public. Unfortunately, this phone should not go out as such in Europe. This will quickly stop as competition arrives especially with the Sony Xperia Z.

Instead, we have the M7 , which is crucial for the future of the brand. Android Police got photos and even screenshots of this model. The site assures us have concrete information, but we prefer to remain cautious, as many Photoshopeurs wander on the global Internet.

This famous M7 does not like its rivals because it embark a screen of 4.7 inches , where is the fashion now to 5 inches or more. This should allow him to have a pixel density impressive (but useless?) Of 468 ppi. To provide the best user experience, it takes heavy features and HTC has understood: a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.7 GHz, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. Only downside, the battery would have a capacity of 2300mAh rather poor. This could play on autonomy One major problem on X, unless the manufacturer so his hat optimization "with onions."

Of the two pictures, we see that on the front, the design is very classic with sensor buttons. The same problem as the previous generation will arise: the Menu button that appears on non-optimized applications, will it be directly on the screen or via a long rest on a touch sensitive? In one case as in the other, we see here the limits of touch-sensitive, unlike the touch keys displayed directly on the screen. Moreover, the fact of having tactile keys on the 5-inch touch-sensitive or on the 4.7 inch should not mean major differences, because the dimensions should be very close.

On the back, it is exactly the same texture as the HTC 8X, which is similar to that of the BlackBerry PlayBook, which has the merit of not slipping and not be susceptible to fingerprints. Moreover, the same format seems to have been selected: thinner edges to accentuate finesse. We then have the same impression of the spine center. Beats Audio logo tells us that technology is always present, but should be switched off at any time for those who do not like the bass.

For what is HTC Sense, significant changes were made following a stagnation for several versions now, so that Android has evolved in the right direction. Now the icons are more colorful and flat. In addition, the famous weather widget is completely revised, by abandoning its famous clock made for a minimalist.

Knowing that we are approaching fast the exhibition in Barcelona, ​​Mobile World Congress, it seems likely that this phone is announced at that time. Its trade name is he the HTC M7? Mystery ...

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