Jailbreak iOS 6: 2 hackers come together and progress

The jailbreak of iOS 6 should soon be available to the public. Two hackers, Planetbeing and pod2g have joined forces to advance more quickly. They communicate on the network Twitter and share their discovery.

The jailbreak of iOS 6 is widely expected by the owners of Apple products. After the disappointment of the end of 2012, the future of software is pretty nice. Planetbeing had buzz when shared success. Indeed, he could get a version of the jailbreak untethered on the iPhone 5 . The hacker did not want to offer the software because Apple should share an update of iOS (6.1) in a few weeks, and the rumored Apple could deploy as early as February. The jailbreak would have the opportunity to be released on the web a few days after iOS 6.1. Attempt to move faster Planetbeing decided to partner with the French famous hacker on his Twitter account, he stated "I made ​​good progress today with @ pod2g. I think I'll reward myself with a nap."

Two New Vulnerabilities

Pod2g had also indicated on the microblogging network "Oh Yes! 2 new holes in one day, luck is with us." Untethered jailbreak version is on the right track, but the two hackers face against a small time. It is once again on Twitter that pod2g announced his problem "We still lack a code for an initial public jailbreak." Copying is not yet perfect, because both authors want to propose a version hack perfect both functional and mostly stable. In all cases, the jailbreak will not be released before updating to iOS 6.1. Planetbeing took several months to exploit loopholes, if it reveals the fruits of his labor now, Apple could fill gaps and nullify its concept.

The jailbreak of iOS 6 is possible, but it may take a little time and Pod2g Planetbeing. Deployed when Apple will update 6.1, owners of Apple devices stamped may have good news.

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