Google Handwrite: improving handwriting recognition

It is this that Fred was you had a brand new feature on the mobile version of Google, a very interesting feature known as Google Handwrite and which therefore, as its name suggests, drawing, one after the other characters in the Keyword Search without using the usual keyboard. We will not how to activate because everything has already been well described in the previous article that I just mentioned. However, we will discuss in this article the news that Google has made ​​on Handwrite, novelties not necessarily impressive but no less interesting.

History but start slowly, it will probably evoke a long-awaited improvement in Asia but also probably very few among us so that we could previously draw a Chinese character at a time, it is now possible to align as you would on paper (if you know how to write Chinese course ...).

If you have already tried Google Handwrite, you may be able to realize a small problem: the recognition of characters drawn is not yet perfect and it is common for the search engine to confuse letters that are close graphically. To counter this, suggestions will be offered over the space bar, suggestions based on your drawing and list the different possibilities that can represent what you meant.

Another issue raised with Google Handwrite is the size of our screens: align the letters, but it's nice to extensive research style "naked pictures of Frederick Pereira", it gets stuck. And that is why it is now possible to write the letters on each other: visually, we end up with a big block indecipherable but the fact remains that the search giant is doing to read it.

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