Samsung + Apple = 52% of worldwide smartphone sales

The market for mobile telephony is particularly crowded with four major platforms, dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of smartphones. All in a few years ago. However, in this sector, all firms are not necessarily on the same footing, and a study by Gartner has revealed that Apple and Samsung alone would total more than 50% of worldwide smartphone sales. An impressive figure, especially when you consider that it would be a little more than one and a half billion mobile have been sold in 2012.

In total, he would have sold 1.75 billion mobile phones in 2012. In the lot, we obviously for all tastes and all that all these terminals do not necessarily officiate on the high end, but it is still a very impressive figure. Better in the last quarter of last year, a period particularly conducive to the sale, it would be 207.7 million units have been sold, or 38.3% more than the year before in the same period.

As mentioned a little earlier, Apple and Samsung would total in the last quarter of 2012, over 52% of worldwide smartphone sales, against 46.4% in the quarter before. Surprising? Not really, it should be recalled that it is actually September 12 that the bitten apple has unveiled the iPhone 5. Samsung has also not been left since the South Korean manufacturer has released a month later, the Galaxy Note 2 he had presented at the IFA in Berlin.

It should also be noted, that is Samsung occupy the top spot according to the study by Gartner. It would be also the same for Android that is clear winner with 69.7% market share in the fourth quarter of 2012 against 51.3% the year before in the same period. iOS, meanwhile, would happen at the second place with a tiny 20.9% . Over the months and years, it would seem that the green robot takes more top. In the end, we say that the bitten apple might actually be interested in jointly launch the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 ...

As always when it comes to education, it should nevertheless be very cautious and therefore do not take these figures at face value. It may also be noted that the tables created by Gartner show different results, which is pretty amazing. Unless of course I am not yet awake ... And that is completely possible.

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