Microsoft tablets soon: 5 or 7 inch Windows 8

Microsoft is now present in most sectors, and its products can be found on our computers, our tablets and our smartphones. In recent years, the company has thus managed to build an ecosystem -based tiles and touch. Inevitably, it will not stop there and we just learn it and seriously considering to expand even further its offering by launching soon slates of very different sizes and thus to almost everyone. And it must be confessed, a 7-inch tablet with Windows 8, it could be very nice.

10-inch tablets are great at home, it is a fact. However, when you are prompted to move, it is not the same thing. Here, the best thing is to go on a more compact and thus turning around 7 inches. But now, the problem is that Microsoft is not yet present in this segment. So far, the company merely to produce - or produce - terminals going beyond ten inches and it also means that this is a market that escapes him.

This can not continue and that is essentially what Peter Klein - CFO of Microsoft - said during the conference Goldman Sachs. According to him, the time has come to meet the demand and variety. Yes, and that all his statements have left hovering doubt: I think we are ready to offer the widest versatile in terms of form factor, both with 4 inch, 5 inch, 7 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 13 inches. And we'll just work on the issue with our partners. In other words, and to put it simply, Microsoft and its partners could soon launch new slate more compact and therefore would go from 4 inches to 13 inches.

Soon Microsoft Surface 4 to 13 inches?

In all likelihood, Microsoft could also decided to add to its portfolio of new home terminals. For the moment, its surface is available in two models - the RT Surface and Surface Pro - but they both offer the same format. If the company decides to expand its offering, then it could well do with new slate house and thus it is quite possible that one day we see the arrival of a surface 7 inches or even 4 inches.

Yes, but in this case, then there will probably be more of a... Surface Phone. Same area Phone we hear about for a while already but has not yet been realized by the firm. And yet, a smartphone shipping Windows 8 and can be transformed within seconds into a mini netbook, it would be rather nice, especially by connecting to an external monitor, especially by connecting a keyboard and a mouse.

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