DashClock a nice widget for the lock screen of your Android device

One of the innovations introduced by Jelly Bean 4.2 is the ability for users to integrate widgets on the lock screen of the terminal. Very handy when you wish to quickly access certain information. However, it seems that they do not go far enough and that is precisely what drove Roman Nurik to develop its own tool. A tool called DashClock and that will allow you to turn the lock screen of your mobile in a real small town of notifications very visual and very pretty to look at.

For a few words, DashClock is a widget that will be positioned on the lock screen of your magnificent smartphone, instead of widget used for display time. The great advantage of this tool is that it does not just give you time because you will add some notifications particularly useful.

Why? Well there will be notification to display local weather , which will take care of you return the number of calls and messages or even your next appointment . Note that some of these reports will be customizable. This will particularly be the case that linked to your Gmail account since you can choose to either display the unread messages in the inbox, either directly important messages.

Not bad, for sure, but the best is yet to come because Roman has opted for opening the most complete, which means that developers around the world can get their hands on the source code of the tool to add plugins or even develop new features. It suffices to go for a ride on the Play Store to see that there are already plugins designed and developed to work with DashClock.

And it is still very nice. Be careful though because it is necessary to have Jelly Bean 4.2 to enjoy

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