Modern UI Firefox is available on Windows 8!

Some of you probably waited impatiently and it's finally here! Mozilla actually deployed overnight new version "nighty build" of good old Firefox version finally brings a novelty: the integration of it to the home screen of Windows 8, in the form of a beautiful tile ! Yes, just like Internet Explorer! Great, is not it? Yes, but be careful because to take advantage of this improvement, it will still tweak a minimum and we will just explain a little more how to implement low declination Modern UI Firefox ... And do not worry anyway because it is not necessarily very complicated.

In fact, to do so, it suffices to set Firefox as your default browser. It's stupid, but he was thinking. If you do not, then the browser will return tile systematically to its desktop version and thus to the traditional desktop in Windows 8. Not glop, of course, and it is precisely for this reason that we have up our sleeves and put some hands dirty.

To make Firefox your default browser, simply follow these steps:
  • Start Firefox.
  • Click on the menu "Nightly" and then "Options."
  • Then click the menu "Advanced" and then "General".
  • Select "Nightly Make the default browser."
  • A new window opens.
  • Select "Nightly" in the list and click the button that goes.
  • It is finished!
From there, when you start Firefox from the home screen, and therefore from its tile is Modern UI version that opens. A version therefore very refined and is particularly suited for touch screens. The thing a little silly, however, is that this version of Firefox is available for Windows 8 and it is therefore impossible to enjoy on Windows RT and, by extension, the RT area.

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