Microsoft: Windows Blue Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

The future of Windows is already known: Microsoft board on annual updates and low cost to provide users with operating system faster experience renewed - like of Apple with OS X, which undergoes every year a major upgrade.

So far, Redmond had not formalized the codename of its future OS, namely Windows Blue. It is through a job that Microsoft first mention of the name. The editor is looking for a software engineer who will join the team in charge of the user experience and will work on what consumers  touch and see in the operating system.  Windows Blue promises to build and improve aspects of the operating system, i-e- the home screen, the lifetime of applications, windowing and customization. Hollow, so this gives an idea of the improvements coming in Windows Blue: the interface and interaction between user and computer, rather than improving performance (but Microsoft may also want to engage on optimization of Windows).

Another job also confirms that the publisher also intends to propose on Windows Blue Windows Phone. Redmond search another engineer, this time attached to the Office team, whose mission will be to develop applications  excellent to Windows Phone Blue. 

As the rumor suggested early February, Windows Blue does not only concern the operating system of Microsoft Office, but all the software ecosystem. The idea is to bring different platforms and accelerate the pace of updates. Windows Blue is expected by mid-year.

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