MacBook Pro Retina: new tariffs and new processors

The Retina MacBook Pro is a great machine, it is a fact. But like all great machines, it is also very costly and it is precisely for this reason that this new venture to make you happy. Apple actually decided to make some changes to its range by applying new rates and equipping their machines faster processors swift. And both models 13 inches for the 15-inch models. For the moment, these new concerns only the U.S. Apple Store but they should arrive quickly at home and it also means that you'd better wait a few hours before ordering.

We start with the 13-inch model. According to the press release issued by Apple release is also available at that address, the two 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina respectively should be offered at $ 1,499 (128GB SSD) and $ 1,699 (256GB SSD). Interesting, but it gets better as the second model now embark chip clocked at 2.6 Ghz 2.5 Ghz against today.

On the 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina is the most expensive model which benefits from a facelift with u n processor clocked at 2.7 Ghz and 16 GB of RAM. As a reminder, the latter option was proposed by Apple to € 200. Note on a machine that is charged € 2,899, it is always good to take. Alongside Retina MacBook Pro, there is also the MacBook Air that has not been forgotten by the firm since the second model - the one with the 256 GB SSD - will now be offered $ 1,399.

Note that these new rates, and these new sheets, should enter into force the day. It is therefore a matter of hours before they appear on the Apple Store, and it will also may be the case when you read these few lines. And if some of you already have a MacBook Pro Retina at home or at work, I'd be curious to hear their feedback.

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