Sega PC Note

It is far from the time when Sega was one of the key players in the market for video games. After a Master System and Mega Drive which was quite well received among players, the firm has actually had to deal with the crushing defeat of his Saturn and its Dreamcast, to finally remove the console market in 2001. Since it only produce a few tracks from time to time while eyeing some side arcade machines. It seems, however, that this is about to change since Sega has teamed up with Enterbrain to launch a new range of notebooks...: Note the Sega PC. And that, well it should please the most nostalgic of you.

But before going further, we will start by swinging the bad news. Because there are unfortunately few. Already, it should be emphasized that these machines are definitely not built by Sega. Actually, everything that the company has done is to dress the body of these computers. Moreover, and this is even less funny, these notebooks are destined primarily to the Japanese market and it will then go through the box "import" to enjoy it since no international launch is still planned.

At least that way, things are clear. Now we're going to concentrate on this new range. A range that is available in four models, each corresponding to a console of the firm. If the first merely reproduces the colors of Sega, the other three will go a little further by wearing the colors of the Mega Drive, the Saturn and Dreamcast. I do not know what you think, but in my case, I still have a soft spot for the Saturn. The trick, of course, is that each of these machines take advantage of a different configuration. The first well will type in the entry-level Pentium R2020M supported by 4 GB of memory while the latter go much further with an Intel Core i7 3630Q, 8GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD A each time, you can count on a full HD 15.6-inch and it must be confessed, it is still very nice.

Finally, we can say that these machines are offered between € 750 and € 1,500. Not given, of course, especially since it will add shipping and all the rest as usual. However, to reconnect with your inner self, the investment may be worth it.

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