MouseLock to protect computer during the coffee break

There are a ton on the market for solutions to protect your computer, or even remotely lock in case of theft, but MouseLock does not absolutely the sector. No, actually, the purpose of this tool is to protect your computer, and by extension your work, when you leave to go have a coffee or to smoke a little smoke. Because, well, it would still be annoying your boss or your colleagues go snooping on your bike when you have turned back, eh ... Especially with constantly running Minecraft ...

What you need to know about MouseLock is that you will not need to install anything to enjoy the features of the tool. No, because it actually comes in the form of a ... web service. Basically, therefore, to put the solution in place, you just need to go take a look on the website and so at this address:

Once at their destination, the service will ask you to access your Google Account. Why? We'll talk a little bit further. Then it will put you face ten bubbles, each containing a number from 1 to ... 10 . The only thing you have to do when you absent your office, it will click on one of these bubbles and then clicking in the circle that magically appear just below. When this is done, your computer will be locked.

Anyone moving your mouse then have five seconds to click in the right spirit. If it fails to do so, you will receive instantly an e-mail notifying you that someone is trying to access your mail. You will no longer have to leave your gun in your pocket 24 and a crusade to deal with him.

And then there's a little icing on the cake, a bonus gift that should make you laugh a lot. When your computer crash, MouseLock will ask you to give access to the webcam embedded in your computer. This is not mandatory but if you do, then the service will take more photo of your ugly nosy before you send it by mail. Suffice to say that it is still very useful to identify the culprit, and I even think I'll try tomorrow at work.

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