Xbox 720 "Durango" a Kinect in every pack, multi-tasking, facilities and whatnot

The Xbox 720 "Durango" is much talked about in recent weeks and we have thus seen a lot of information about it, information relating primarily to its technical specifications and more precisely to the GPU . This time it is a little different since Kotaku managed to get their hands on some new particularly truculent and put this time focusing on merchandising and the functions of the console. This is much more exciting, obviously, and it should interest all those who are eagerly awaiting the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

But before going further, it should be noted that Microsoft has not yet confirmed its new console, and officially, the Xbox 720 does not exist. Surprising? Not so much as acknowledge the existence of a new console to cut back sales of the existing console and its games. In this context, it is of course why Sony and Microsoft are rather secretive about everything related to them. However, given that both firms strictly not unleash any information about them, all the rumors about them should be taken for what they are, that is to say, mere rumors.

What you need to know about the information collected by Kotaku, is that they all come from a single person, a person who you probably know as this is ... SuperDae ! Yes, the same SuperDae that tried to sell last year a development kit for the Xbox 720 and which is shown at the beginning of the year by contacting the technical details of the PlayStation 4. Although we do not know much about him, it would seem that SuperDae is very well established in the field of video games. However, this is not a reason to believe everything he says, huh.

Kinect, multi-task, hard drive installations and maybe more

According to him, therefore, every Xbox 720 sold worldwide in its pack should include a Kinect. Until now, it was sold as an accessory, but it seems that Microsoft has decided to implement a new strategy by incorporating it in all boxes sold commercially. The best is to come elsewhere since the console may not work without it. It would therefore be more optional and all players who want to enjoy their console and should have one at home.

Concerning the technical details, the Kinect sold with the Xbox 720 should be significantly more powerful than the Xbox 360. It could also capture gestures maximum of six players (25 joints) and offer full HD resolution in terms of colors . All with a focus that would be between 0.5 and 4.5 meters. On paper, this is quite promising.

We now storage. According to the same sources, the Xbox 720 should include a hard disk of 500 GB on which the player can store its media, of course, but will also be used in games. For indeed, to work, they must be installed on the console , just like a computer. Do not forget, by the way, it is also a question that each title is protected by a unique key and attached to the console, a key that would directly affect the market opportunity and to all the people who are trying to make a living.

This is not just because the Xbox 720 would integrate apparently true multitasking mode that allows players to start simultaneously several games or more applications. Contrary to what one might think, it's more interesting than it seems at first since it will be possible to start Skype before launching his title at the time, and to remain permanently connected to his friends.

Okay, and the controller in? This has been fairly quiet so far, but it seems that Microsoft is preparing some new to this side since the Xbox 720 controller could enjoy a completely redesigned for the occasion, a controller that remind of all- even the curves of the Xbox 360 controller, but with a new shape and new vehicle technologies. Also note that the Xbox Companion should also play a more important role and it is therefore not excluded that the company offers us a version soon most successful and allow us to transform our smartphone or tablet touch our game controller.

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