Bluestack is now available on Windows 8 !

Bluestack , for those who do not know yet, there is like a Android emulator for Windows and Mac OS. Its sole objective is therefore to allow you to enjoy your applications developed for smartphones and tablets on your computer. This is also a little over a year that the solution exists and we'll talk today, it is not no chance. No, because Bluestack is now available on Windows 8, and this means that you will be able to give you their heart and tweak your bike with all the games and all the applications available on the Play Store.

But how does it work, exactly? In reality, the operation is quite simple Bluestack since the only thing you have to do is to install the solution on your machine. Then, after properly configured, you will only have access to launch a virtual desktop where you can install Android applications browsing the Play Store as you would from any smartphone or any touch pad.

In a certain sense and for those who know, it works like a Parallels Desktop or VMWare. It's pretty cool and the arrival of the tool on Windows 8 is obviously a good surprise, especially as it is specially optimized for touch. Yes, and a mobile application with touch behind, it's still much more comfortable with the old field mouse.

It can also be noted that the solution developed by Bluestack has been specially optimized for Microsoft Surface Pro. Note that the RT area is unfortunately not supported, requires ARM. In all cases, if you have a bike in Windows 8, you can throw over your eyes closed.

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