iOS 7: A new concept of "flat design"

Ran Avni is a creative especially popular for some time, which is a creative concept is excellent as this one, which features an iPhone 6. Last week, our guys decided to put the cover in addressing this time iOS 7 and more specifically its interface. An interface that smells "flat design" that will give you a clearer idea of what might look like Iceberg platform should it really take its path. The video is obviously in the sequel, the same for all information about it.

What is interesting with this concept is that Ran is assumed that the "flat design" could only be... a simple option. In other words, our creative, each user will have the option to activate it or not. This is even more fun that Apple is not really known for leaving the choice to its customers, the company has effectively used to impose purely strategic choice, as almost all of the largest firms world.

By activating the option, so it's all iOS 7 that changes a snap interface. Application icons then become more sober, more minimalist, thus focusing on the essentials and turning its back on glare and all the little things now become inseparable from the platform. Same course for proposed by Apple, as the good old calculator tools, or for the lock screen.

To be totally honest with you, this concept is not my favorite, but it's still a good job. After that, the question I ask myself is whether the "flat design" is really suited to iOS. Certainly, it is very fashionable at the moment, a lot of companies have decided to play this card, but Apple does not usually to simply do as others. So, I think that the bitten apple may finally hit where we least expect it.

Finally, it is hoped, in any case, especially if she wants to keep selling smartphones and tablets.

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