Olympus: a patent for glasses connected

Glass challenge Google, the Google Glass fascinating, and there are many manufacturers to draw glasses connected to Google for their own creations. Olympus is obviously not left since the Japanese firm has filed a new patent particularly interesting, a patent that actually puts in scene closely connected glasses Google Glass famous, all with one screen and also a sensor in order to take pictures and videos. Interestingly enough, that's for sure, even if the patent in question unfortunately does not shine by its technical information.

And for good reason, since he has absolutely no. Apart from a few coarse and annotated diagrams, it may escape any information about these glasses, then nothing outside of the screen and the sensor mentioned a little earlier. Surprising? Not really, since the technical specifications have finally connected glasses unless their design and functionality.

The real question, ultimately, is to know what could be the features offered by the glasses connected to a manufacturer like Olympus. A manufacturer who officiates primarily in the field of digital cameras and does not account well smartphone or touchpad to its catalog. And then, much to warn you, the assumptions are not lacking. But for me, I think these glasses could especially be positioned as complements to... camera brand.

Glasses connected as an electronic viewfinder?

Today our camera are increasingly connected too. They include aGPS chips for several years, but now they play the card of WiFi and Olympus is not left on the ground, of course. With WiFi, it would be perfectly possible to connect goggles connected to digital cameras, and so to use glasses as an electronic viewfinder, or even as a display stand for some settings.

And it must be admitted, such use could attract a lot of people, and especially all the photographers who like to do some fun with exotic frames but did not want to break the back so far. Same for anyone looking for the option.

No, it is a certainty, the connected glasses manufactured by Olympus, it could be very nice in the end.

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