PlayStation 4: new technical specifications

After the Xbox 720 , it is the turn of the PlayStation 4 to talk about it since VGLeaks claims to be able to get their hands on the data sheet for the next home console from Sony. A console that would be required as a true powerhouse with no less than eight cores clocked at 1.6 Ghz and GPU to a large green with envy little Wii U. And if you want more, if you want to get an idea of what could (the conditional is not for nothing) propose the PS4, then you know what you have to do.

At the risk of repeating myself, it must be remembered that all the rumors are not always reliable, and even less when it comes to products also expected that the PlayStation 4 . Everything that follows should be taken with caution, even if the information revealed by VGLeaks ultimately prove quite close to those obtained by Kotaku last week.

PlayStation 4: CPU

We start with the CPU of the PlayStation 4. According to sources on the site, the project would benefit from Orbis octo-core AMD processor running at 1.6Ghz Jaguar and structured around two "clusters" that share an L2 cache of 2 MB. You can specify, for those who do not know this chip, it replaces Bobcat. Here is a list of the different features of this processor features identified by VGLeaks:
  • 256-bit operations, 128-bit SIMD ALU.
  • SSE SSE4 and AVX extensions.
  • One thread for each core.
  • A cache L1-I and L1-D 32 Kb for each core.
  • GFlops 102.4 for the system.
  • Not being an expert in chips, I can not tell you more so if you know better than me on the subject, your feedback is appreciated.

PlayStation 4 GPU

It connects with the GPU which should be based on AMD R10XX . Again, this is not the first time we hear it as the document leaked by Kotaku stated exactly the same thing. However, it seems that VGLeaks has gotten a little more about this chip and now and some of its supposed characteristics:
  • DirectX 11.1.
  • Calculation units 18.
  • Material balance calculation units to 14.
  • Shared L2 cache 512 Kb 800 Mhz.
  • Dual Shader Engines.
  • 18 texture units, 8 render backends.
  • Again, if you are able to give us a quick analysis of these data, it is important not to deprive yourself.

PlayStation 4: the rest

In addition to the CPU and GPU, the PlayStation 4 "Orbis" embark also 4 GB of RAM (176 GB / s) with 3.5 GB would be solely dedicated to games. In addition, the console would benefit from a Blu-ray drive capable of reading cookies with a layer (25 GB) and dual layer (50 GB) . For storing files and demos, it would be possible to rely on a hard disk of 500 GB , which may, in the near future, be supplemented by an SSD.

Connectivity would not be left with an Ethernet port 1 GB / s , a chip WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth . Among the devices provided, there would be a new type Dualshock controller, a camera with two sensors and good old PS Move.

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