Vine soon on Android

At the beginning of the year, Twitter has caused a stir by unveiling a new application for any mobile user to make small videos before sharing them on the platform. You will understand, it is obviously Vine ! A pretty nice tool, but unfortunately suffers from a major drawback: for the moment, it is only available on iOS. Not terrible, it is okay, but be aware that this will change soon. Yes, because Vine has published a recruitment offer earlier in the week, an offer which allowed us to discover that the company is currently seeking a Chief Engineer with solid experience ... Android.

And be careful, because this time it is not a rumor or even a smoky hallway noise from a source secret, mysterious and close the file. No, as mentioned just above, it's downright Vine who spilled the beans by publishing on its website a recruitment offer which leaves no room for doubt. Really doubt yourself.

It is written in black and white, Vine is looking for an engineer who will be responsible for the development of the first version of Android on Vine . An engineer who will work closely with the rest of the team and will increasingly have at least three years of experience in the industry and a good knowledge of the Android ecosystem and community. Also note that the case "android" appears seven times in the ad, just in case it would have passed.

So Vine will land on Android, and it is obviously a good thing. After the whole question is how long the application will be available. And then, much to warn you, it will probably show you very patient, especially as the project certainly has not started yet.

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