Nikon Image Space: Applications available on iOS and Android

At the beginning of the year that Nikon has unveiled its new storage in the "cloud" service called Nikon Image Space, which is intended primarily to ... photographers. All with plenty of options for storing and organizing photos and videos. Interestingly, of course, much more that simply being a customer for Nikon instantly enjoy 20GB of space without having to remove the card. And indeed, if you have taken the step and if you have an account on the service, then you'll be pleased to learn that the manufacturer has just launched two new mobile applications available on iOS and Android.

The purpose of these applications is quite simple since they are simply designed to allow you to take your library with you everywhere. Once installed on your smartphone or on your tablet, it actually allows you to find all your photos and videos all in one place. Very handy for the professional photographer wishing to present their work to clients, or even for the enthusiast.

So of course, these applications offer a lot of useful features:
  • Multiple viewing modes.
  • Interactive Map for geotagged photos.
  • Sorting criteria.
  • Search filters.
  • Instant sharing on Twitter, Facebook or email.
  • Uploading content from the mobile or tablet.
Functions similar to those proposed Picturetown, so it is essential that Picturetown even a little as the ancestor of Nikon Image Space. Also note that if you have an account on it, then you can certainly use your old credentials they were automatically recovered by Nikon.

Download Nikon Image Space for iOS

Download Nikon Image Space on Android

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