PlayStation 4: Follow the live event

By a little more than an hour, Sony should lift the veil on one of the most anticipated consoles of the time, namely the PlayStation 4. Voltage is at its peak, you must still be in the process of screen flicker before trying, desperately, to follow a link to the live call. This is perfectly legitimate and just know that the Japanese firm has decided to broadcast its live event and through good old Ustream. Morality, if you do not want to lose a single crumb, then you should probably take a look at the video embedded further down in the article.

If Sony has not officially communicated its event, or even which ads are doing, we already know that it will be entirely dedicated to the world of PlayStation. Logically, the Japanese firm should take the opportunity to unveil its next-gen console and hence the famous PlayStation 4 or PS4, we are very likely to wait.

So of course it has been an incredible number of rumors all kinds of rumors that were as much about its technical features as its accessories or even the services it should include. History wait, remember that you can also find a summary of all the latest gossip in date from snooping on this article. Here, at least, you'll have everything in one place.

Speaking of which, you can also add that Kotaku has given a layer earlier in the day stating that the PlayStation 4 could leave, the United States, in the month of November and be available in two models: one for $ 429 and another for $ 529 . This is not the first time we hear of this period, but it should be noted that this date is not about Europe. For us, the PS4 should not actually be available until early next year.

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