PlayStation 4: a summary before the official announcement

Dear friends, dear friends, we are about to experience a historic and rare, the kind of moment that will be forever etched in our memory and we will certainly obviously not telling our children and our grandchildren. For indeed, it is tomorrow that Sony should formally introduce its new console, and then ... the PlayStation 4 ! PlayStation 4 the same cast that made ​​a lot of ink in recent weeks and has been the subject of many rumors. Yes, and in fact, if you do not follow them or if you fear being missed hallway noise that we should not miss, know that you'll find a little lower a summary of everything expressed about the PS4.

And as usual, we will obviously start with little warning usual. because in fact, a rumor is, basically, a rumor, and it should not be taken at face value letter. In other words, it is better not to pack too quickly and be very cautious about the whole content of this article.


Specifications of the PlayStation 4 remained very discreet until earlier this year. Relying on one of its sources, Kotaku is actually able to put your hand on January 90 technical documentation pages on the SDK console, documentation was very clear from the specifications of this last.

It is thus a question of four dual-core AMD64 "Bulldozer" for a total of eight cores, a GPU AMD R10xx with no less than 2 GB of dedicated memory of 8 GB of RAM , with 160GB of space storage , a Blu-ray player and an extensive connection, four USB 3.0 ports, two Ethernet ports, HDMI output and optical output program.

A few days later, it is VGLeaks which added a layer with features even more detailed and similar to what we have seen, two or three details closely. Which? RAM to begin with, that would turn around 4GB and the storage space, which would reach 500 GB Why such differences? In reality, it is quite simple, the document obtained by Kotaku was not that the SDK console, a development kit that is designed primarily for publishers and can, therefore, present some differences with the model final.

Controllers & Accessories

Lets kick now with the game controller of the PlayStation 4 and then with the new DualShock has spilled a lot of ink last week. According to the latest information in time, this new controller should take the same lines of the previous DualShock , but with several major changes. Buttons "START" and "SELECT" and have bowed out in favor of a touch area similar to that found the back of the PS Vita, touch area that we would therefore otherwise interact with our favorite games .

In addition, the new DualShock also incorporate the same technology as the PS Move . Again, it would be for Sony to push publishers to get creative in terms of gameplay . And that's not all because the handle of the PlayStation 4 may also include a microphone and a headphone jack . It could thus be no question of voice recognition, which would end up in the era of time. Recall indeed that the Xbox 720 could also play this card.

It is for the DualShock. Now, there are also other details that have emerged over the past few weeks. The most interesting of all is that the PlayStation 4 might be able to connect to our smartphones and our shelves so we can more easily take control of the console. We think especially the universal remote has on each shelf Sony, but it is likely that the manufacturer goes a little further than that and it will inspire and perhaps that Nintendo offers with its Wii U and GamePad to offer us a new gaming experience

And then there's also this patent unearthed by SlashGear, a patent which features a funny touch pad embarking controls similar to those found on the DualShock, controls like a cross directional or even an analog stick , not to mention the usual buttons . Strange, of course, but it is better not to pack too quickly because the big companies in the world have used to make a ton of patents each year to protect their ideas, patents do not always lead to products marketable course.

Games & Features

So it is for the console and accessories for these. It remains to discuss anything related to his games or features. The first thing to say is that the PlayStation 4 may not be backwards compatible with PlayStation 2 games of course, but also with those of the PlayStation 3. A blow to players with a well stocked library, of course, but the Japanese firm could suddenly propose an alternative solution based on technology developed by Gaikai , a technology "cloud gaming" that was simply to stream games on customers connected to the Internet. Recall that Sony has actually spent several million dollars last year to acquire the solution.

The question is of course how this technology will be marketed by Sony. This may eventually opt for two solutions: the sale of securities to the unit or the implementation of a solution of subscription . In my case, it is obviously the latter solution seems to be the most relevant, but unfortunately it will wait for the official announcement of the firm for more information.

Another key sticking point in the second hand market. As you may know already, the games sold used not report anything or publishers or manufacturers. Margin based on actual securities sold nine and understand why they do not carry used games in their hearts. But in fact, if you believe the latest gossip in date, Microsoft and Sony could implement a unique key and attached to the console , a key system that would prevent us from running games buddies on our PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 our, and vice versa of course.

Price & Availability

All that is great, but we have not yet discussed the issue of price . We must be very careful, obviously, but according to the information available, the PlayStation 4 could be offered between $ 400 and $ 500 , or a little more or a little less. Note that this range is based on a simple estimation .

And then, finally, there is the date the PlayStation 4 should be available. We'll know more tomorrow, obviously, but it apparently could land in Japan and the United States just before the holiday season, so somewhere in the last quarter of 2013. In Europe , however, the launch of the console could be shifted and thus it is the latter issue only happens the first quarter of 2014 . The worst, of course, is that this would not be surprising since Sony has often proceeded in the past.

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