HTC One: the official specifications

It is finally here, and there. As we suspected, HTC has used its special conference to unveil the new flagship of its fleet, and thus the highly anticipated HTC One. A smartphone aimed at the high end, which has a lot of talk over the last few months and we now know that everything, absolutely everything. And you know the best? Not? Not really? Well all the rumors that have circulated about him were true. One might even say they were not wrong and you will also be able to see for yourself by reading the rest of this article.

The current context is not easy to HTC. Battered last year, the company posted a net loss of 30% in turnover and 80% of its net profit in the third quarter ( source ) . Not terrible terrible, there is no need to be an experienced economist to understand that the situation is not stupendous. No, and it is precisely for this reason that the HTC One is not just an ordinary smartphone more. And face a very attractive and Xperia Z a particularly awaited Galaxy S4, we can say that the company plays big, really big.

Design & Usability

If you have followed all the rumors circulating on the web since the beginning of the year, then you should know that HTC has been enormously One leaked in recent weeks and we go and see the amount of photos featuring . This does not surprise you, but probably not all of these images were true. One advantage the HTC and a beautiful metal shell and lines that are reminiscent of the iPhone 5 or the BlackBerry Z10. Some love it, others less, but One advantage of very neat and does not leave indifferent. We appreciate the two grids dug into the metal that protects the speaker and microphone, or the back cover textured reminiscent of previous models of the brand.

You should also know that the hull of HTC One opts for the unibody and the mobile is rather thin (9mm). The interesting thing is that the antenna integrated metal required no less than twelve years of research and development. Whichever way you hold your smartphone, so you should have no problem in terms of reception.


Turning now to the technical specifications of the HTC One. Again, remember that all the rumors in recent weeks were true. The new flagship vessel of the fleet of company benefits and a Full HD screen of 4.7 inches, a quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8064 clocked at 1.7 Ghz, with 2GB of RAM, with 32 GB of space storage  (no micro SD card slot) and a 2300 mAh battery to top it off. Another interesting point is the sensor, which benefits from a new technology - the ultrapixel - to improve color rendition and sharpness of images. It should be noted in conclusion that the HTC One will be compatible with 4G networks and it is even possible to play with the NFC chip embedded.

The sensor board, on paper, offers only 4 megapixels. One might think that HTC engineers Bossant went crazy but they actually have designed a new type of sensor that is twice the size of the HTC One X. In other words, the technology is capable of capturing ultrapixel more light. Rather interesting, especially if we add to this the fact that the One also incorporates a stabilizer to boost even more the quality of our photos.


And that's not all since HTC has also thought about integrating some friendly technologies, such as that recorded automatically cache all the images captured by the smartphone even before the user presses the shutter button, or one that allows combine several video clips into a real little film. Not stupid, this should interest a lot of people.

Besides that, the manufacturer has also made ​​sure to improve the sound quality of the device, particularly in terms of its speaker. Same as for the microphone (dual) which is able to reduce the noise to improve the recording quality. All with a little help from behind Beats Audio, necessarily ...


That's outline. Finally, we can also report that the HTC One goes on sale from March 15th in the UK, in black or white. Another model offering 64GB of storage should arrive in stride. We do not yet know the price of the beast but we know that it will carry Jelly Bean 4.1.2. An update to Android 4.2 is obviously to be expected and it should happen fairly quickly if we are to believe the representatives of the firm.

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