Tablets for Ubuntu: Ubuntu on your touchpad ...!

Canonical made ​​a surprise yesterday by setting up a strange counter on the website, a counter announcing the arrival of a product in connection with touch pads. Many people have obviously thought the South African company would unveil a new slate top revolutionary, but it was finally decided to do a lot better by launching a special version of its famous distribution , a completely new version designed for our kind mobile terminals. His name? Tablets for Ubuntu, obviously. And there are better since they are more images that will soon be available, images that work with the Nexus Nexus 7 and 10.

On the question of the interface, this is no great surprise that we discover an environment very similar to other versions of Ubuntu Mobile. Same colors, similar ergonomics, Ubuntu for Tablets fits completely in the ecosystem created by Canonical and this is a good thing, especially for fans of the distribution. And yes, there are a few.

In terms of functionality, it has a lot of things, obviously. Starting with a complete multitasking that allows you to quickly switch from one application to another. The interesting thing is that Canonical was a little further by proposing a system similar to that found in Note 10.1 and, more recently on Note 2: it will be possible to display side by side two applications, two windows. The other thing nice is the management of multiple accounts. With this feature every beast, the tablet can be used by the whole family and even find a guest account for visitors.

To quickly launch favorite applications, we can also see a dock side, stowed away to the left of the screen. Dock will be hidden by default but you can bring up a single gesture.

And so, this special variant of Ubuntu also includes evil evil other features to share content quickly on social networks that you frequent or even take control of his voice terminal. And if we add to this the integration of an application store, it is said that Ubuntu for Tablets is likely to attract many users.

History finale, it may also indicate that Ubuntu for Tablets has been designed to run on tablets ranging from 6 to 20 inches. As for the images to Nexus, know they are available on the website of Canonical a few times and we'll talk when they are obviously arrived.

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