Iconsdb, icons, colors of your choice

Found on the web an incredible number of services to quickly find icons for reuse in their own projects. And each time, they finally simply indexing the content on specialized sites. Iconsdb goes a little further since this service will not only help you find the icons. No, actually, it will mostly give you the ability to customize and change their color as well. All this on the fly and using a module directly integrated on its pages. As it runs pretty well and it will save you valuable time...

At first glance, Iconsdb not pay mine. A minimalist interface, a homepage that just to show icons most downloaded, most viewed, most popular or most recent, all with a few tags, we can not say that it is very glamorous. However, just go a little further to understand that this service is much more complete as you might think.

For indeed, Iconsdb has two advantages weight: sizes and customization . For formats, it is very simple since it is one of the most comprehensive of its kind with four choices (ICO, PNG, GIF, JPEG) and a multitude of variations in size, ranging from 16 × 16 to 512 × 512. Whatever your project, you should have enough to do so. But the best, ultimately, it is the customization tool that will allow you to change the color of the icons without having to open your image editor. Simply so enter the hexadecimal code for the color you want in the top right of the window to immediately apply it to the icon. With this, you'll be sure to pick the icon you need and it is actually very practical.

Oh and the icing on the cake is that all icons offered by the service are free of copyright, they can be used in your own projects, of course, but also in your professional endeavors. And if you do all this with not immediately slam this site to your bookmarks, or other similar tool, but is that necessarily a problem you have.

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