Google Drive: an update for Android

If you use daily Google Drive and you have, in addition, a terminal under Android, then the following should interest you. The search giant has indeed made ​​yesterday updated its application and it brings a lot of improvements and a big novelty. Which one? Simply the ability to watch videos in streaming directly from the tool. The best is to come elsewhere since this feature is available on all versions of Android from Honeycomb. Need not, therefore, have the latest version of the platform to enjoy it.

Must admit, on this one, Google has hit hard. Oh sure, some of its competitors already offer the same thing, but this new feature would still interest a lot of people. With the latter, you will actually be able to watch your favorite videos directly from the application without having to transfer them to your device. Ideal to relive the first steps nephew's cousin's neighbor or to admire the last sauerkraut cooked by Auntie Janine. Progress, it is beautiful.

But be careful because this update also brings two or three more tinkering, starting with improved application performance . The latter should therefore be both more fluid and responsive. In addition, Google also thought to integrate a new multitouch gesture - the "pinch to zoom" - which will allow you to zoom in on all presentations open to the viewer. Beautiful, well after that and you have no excuse not to look at all these amazing PPT continuously flooding your inbox.

If you already installed Google Drive on your mobile or your Android tablet, well you only have to update the application to take advantage of these developments. Unless, of course, that you have had the presence of mind to enable automatic updates, of course.

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