Google Drive: a better integration of third-party applications

Service, whatever it is, do not just to himself and that is exactly why he should not be afraid to open the door to third-party applications. Google Drive has understood and thus that the search giant has decided to extend a helping hand to his publishers by offering a privileged access to the tool. Now, therefore, third party applications attached to our account directly appear in the menu creation platform, and so we facilitate access. And it is still very nice.

Twitter, or even Dropbox, would perhaps not as successful if they had not decided to open their API to the greatest number. In making this decision, they actually gave life to a large number of tools and services that have enriched their offer and this is perhaps what enabled them to reach as many users in such a short time. And we understand why Google has applied the same strategy with Drive.

Drive the same which is also widely used by third-party developers. It suffices to take a ride on the Chrome Web Store to find countless applications and tools leveraging technology developed by Google. And in some cases they are even software solutions that are proposed to help us create our home plans, make diagrams or even to edit our photos. There are a lot of things, it is a fact, and it is precisely these tools that Big G ​​has decided to develop its platform.

Now, third-party applications exploiting technology of Google Drive will be directly accessible from the latter, through the menu "Create". Basically, it was mainly used to create new documents (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, forms and so on) but Google just deploy an update that brings some changes. Now when the user clicks on this button, it will always appear to the left of the following component modules, but the menu also will list on the right, all third party applications connected to our account. Better down, you will also find a link that we refer directly to the Chrome Web Store, which will allow us to install new modules.

In the end, it is probably not the revolution of the year, but this little novelty should still make our lives easier and ultimately what counts.

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