Facebook Pages Manager allows you to program publications

Manager Pages Facebook or Facebook Pages Manager, if you do not know, is the official application of social network which allows you to manage the pages you are the administrator, an application that can be quite useful but However, still lacking a few features. And indeed, Facebook Pages Manager enjoys a new update improves the application a bit: now it is possible to program publications and events to create your page. Of course, it is possible to perform these actions from your computer, you can do so from your smartphone is something more practical.

From the web interface of the network, or create a publication schedule an event is simply from the box allowing you to publish status. In this new update, the operation becomes more or less on the same mobile device.

Thus, for a publication schedule, simply click on "Update my status", type it on the keyboard and then click on the little clock icon in the bottom left. This will effectively open a dialog box asking you the date and time at which it will publish this publication, a program that you confirm by clicking on the "Calendar" and you can delete by clicking on "Delete" (it seems almost logical).

Facebook events pages actually represent key moments, such as the new version of a program or other things like that. These events can therefore now be created from the Facebook Pages Manager directly by clicking on "Create Event" next to "Update my status". The form is the same as the web version, so you should know if you have already used.

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