Mailstrom, a tool to easily clean your mailboxes

E-mail, it is obviously great to keep in touch with friends or colleagues, but all is not rosy as this tool also maintains the user captive. And so we are more likely to spend our lives on our Gmail , our Yahoo Mail or even our . The worst, of course, is when the urge takes us to the household. Because then it is better to have a few hours ahead of history have time to complete the operation. Fortunately, there are tools that can save us a lot of time and Mailstrom is just part of the last ...

The objective of Mailstrom is quite clear since it has only one purpose: to allow us to easily clean our different email boxes. How? Through several tools that will analyze our various accounts and will then allow us to run batch processes. All through a user-friendly interface, intuitive and easy to handle.

The implementation of the device

The first thing to know about Mailstrom is that it supports most platforms on the market. If it is possible to use our Gmail account by enabling identification with one click, we can also configure any account with IMAP access . The best is to come also because the service will also allow us to work on multiple boxes, multiple accounts, and you will have the ability to configure all the ones you use every day.

However, when you make your first steps on the service, you will absolutely show you very patient. For indeed, once our accounts identified Mailstrom will have to repatriate the entire contents of our boxes. And inevitably, more recent will be overweight and more will be a long process. Here, for my Gmail account, for example, which weighs something like 6 GB, we had to wait 24 hours. Note that import also depends on the state of the service and more specifically the server load. So I may have fallen at the wrong time.

That said, once things are in place, they will remain and the tool will automatically update your various boxes without having to restart again the import of our messages.

The dashboard

Once the import is finished, the real fun will begin. Mailstrom will actually send us on our dashboard, and thus the page from which we can start working on our accounts. How? Simply through the display criteria located in the left sidebar, criteria that will allow us to change the display of our messages based on several variables:

  • Sender - Sender: All messages are sorted according to the sender and you can see at a glance the people you seek most.
  • Subject - Subject: All messages are grouped by conversation and then you can view the most popular discussions, and thus account for those you most.
  • Lists - Lists: One of the most important modules as you will find here a list of all the newsletters that fall on your various accounts. If you want to start to clean up your boxes, you can start unsubscribe from those you do not need.
  • Time - Time: All messages are grouped according to their date of dispatch and you can view all messages received today, yesterday, this week, last week or the month before. Very handy for archiving old conversations.
  • Social - Social: No big surprise here since this module will display a list of all posts related in one way or another to the three major social networks at the moment, namely Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • Shopping - Racing (^ ^): Same thing, it is through this filter that you can access all emails in connection with online shops.
  • Size - Size: If you have limited storage space on your accounts, then this criterion should interest you as it will show all emails present in your boxes according to their size or weight. Ideal to get their hands on the most demanding letters and therefore, by extension, to reclaim space on its accounts.
Just below this area, we will also find a series of statistics that will allow you to take a step back from your boxes. With me, they allowed me to see that they are, on average, 250 messages that fall every day in my Gmail. And when we report this to the week, month or year, there is obviously nothing to be dizzy.

Note that you can find on the right of other columns that allow us either to display a list of messages (or sub-criteria) or the messages themselves. Just like any courier so.

The proposed actions

If Mailstrom allows you to have another look at your different email accounts, the service does not stop there and it will also allow you to use three possible actions , actions which will obviously affect your boxes and must be used with extreme caution:

  • Archive - Archive: Sends all selected conversations in a folder named "archives". These last will, therefore, your inbox, and this action finally works as archiving is offered by Gmail.
  • Delete - Delete: No big surprise here, since this button will allow you to simply ... delete selected conversations. Note that if they disappear from your dashboard, they will also be your different accounts.
  • Move - Move: Same thing, this action does nothing miraculous as it will simply allow you to move the selected conversation to the folder of your choice. If you use Gmail, the tool is also able to recognize your labels. There are even better since moving messages can be either a folder on your mailbox or to another box. Feel free to create another fictitious account which you can archive your conversations so.
Actions are not legion but one must de-emphasize the fact that even Mailstrom is currently available in beta and it is perfectly possible that further action soon make their entrance.

In conclusion

Is Mailstrom is a revolutionary tool? No, I do not think, and if you already have procedures in place to put a little order in your account - you think such rules and automatic filters - then the service should not be more helpful than that. However, what is interesting is that it allows for a different view of its accounts. If the shares are relatively anecdotal, it is so completely different filter criteria since they allow you to put your finger in a few seconds you monopolize conversations the most.

And just for that, Mailstrom worth seeing. By cons, we must admit that the idea to pass her email on a server belonging to a company you know nothing is not particularly encouraging. It is also undoubtedly the biggest flaw of service.

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