PlayStation Cloud: a series of new domain names for Sony

The PlayStation 4 will be officially unveiled in a few hours and all that we are really looking forward to many this event extraordinary. So naturally, we have seen a considerable number of rumors of all kinds and of these, there is the question of the launch of a "cloud gaming" that would allow the new Sony console to run the securities PS3. Interesting, and there are even better since the Japanese firm has just purchased several domain names at the aptly named:, PlayStation and

Remember, this is the last year that we learned of the acquisition of the company Gaikai by Sony, a transaction that has been encrypted with 380 million and had been much ink. It must be said, when one of the biggest players on the market officiating video games is acquiring a service "cloud gaming," there is cause interest.

So far, Sony has not yet exploited the technology developed by Gaikai. This could of course change with the launch of the PlayStation 4. According to the latest gossip in date, which could take advantage of this technology to allow players to rotate the titles developed for the PlayStation 3. If you have not followed the case, it is actually the next question that Sony console is not backward-compatible device and allow the firm to eventually compensate for this lack. The whole question is how much will cost this technology...

Anyway, as mentioned a little earlier, Sony has apparently bought several domain names that are related in one way or another with this new service, "cloud gaming". It should be noted also that the firm was also introduced in 2009 a brand name PS Cloud.

Go more than a few hours to wait to find out more!

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