Yahoo: a new version of the portal during deployment

Yahoo has changed greatly since Marissa Mayer came flying and it is obviously a good thing since the American company suffered a major delay to its main competitors. And after the deployment of the new version of webmail, Yahoo has decided to put the cover this time taking care of its web portal. Within a few hours, our friends American will therefore discover that they have concocted Marissa and his associates. This is a story that is sure to certainly not happy but it will not be the same with us since it will wait a little longer before you can enjoy.

And yes, it is completely unfair, it is okay, but it's like that and prefer Yahoo and test the new version of its portal in the country before Dexter to benefit the world. What is positive, however, is that we know a little what to expect since Marissa published earlier in the day and focuses on the main innovations in this portal.

On a visual level, to begin the new Yahoo should be a bit more refined and a little more air time. On the left, you'll run the different sections of the portal, as well as the various tools offered by the firm and the entire section devoted to news appear so on the right. Through a system of tabs, it is even possible to access only the themes that interest us and we will find, in a sidebar on the right, all the hot topics of the moment and a few widgets including weather. Talking about the structure of the portal pages must also indicate that Yahoo chose the responsive design and adapt these so automatically depending on the terminal used by the user.

But the most interesting, from my point of view, is the ability for the user to customize the portal according to their tastes. Regardless of whether you are passionate about sports, fashion or even high-tech, Yahoo will give us access in an instant all the news that loves. Obviously remains to determine how the service will behave in practice and whether this feature will be really easy to implement.

Finally, it may be recalled that this new version is talking about it since last year, and he will thus took a little more than four months for the U.S. to enjoy. At this rate, it does not say we can put your fingers on it before 2014 ...

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