HTC One: Review of the new Smartphone

The HTC One was officially presented before yesterday and all that it has spilled a lot of ink since. We must also say that sets the bar very high with attractive lines and a summary of promising technologies , among which we can cite ultrapixel course. But in fact, if you're like crazy since the official announcement of Peter Chou, then the following may hold your attention and that's normal because the firm has decided to distribute online presentation of its new flagship, a presentation that you will be able to discover or rediscover a little further down in the article.

As a reminder and for those who have not followed the press conference was held simultaneously in London and New York. Not bad journalists made ​​the trip, obviously, but HTC has also had the great idea to broadcast the event online story that everyone can enjoy.

Relatively short - 37 minutes is not great for an event of this type - the presentation organized by HTC is nonetheless very complete and it will enable you to learn more about the One, although course, but also on the new overlay designed by the manufacturer. For the design, it has actually made ​​it big and he has built a lot of very interesting features. This is particularly the case of Zoe, a friendly and handy tool since record all the images captured by the mobile even before the mobile user does not press the trigger it.

In short, if you do not have to go to London or New York to attend the event, so here is a good way to catch the shot. And after that, sure, you know all the HTC One.

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