iOS: a new concept for multitasking

iOS is a good mobile platform, it is a fact, but it is not perfect, however, and among the reproaches can send him there obviously its aging interface. An interface that has unfortunately not changed significantly in recent years. Every major update is expected at a real revolution and it never seems to happen. iOS 7 will perhaps some adjustments, but nothing says that this will indeed be the case. In the meantime, in any case, many creative trying to imagine what could become the mobile platform from Apple and that is precisely the case who made ​​a very interesting concept on multitasking. The video is obviously in the future.

Since multitasking is it always behaves in the same way. Is pressed twice on the button "home" , a horizontal bar appears at the bottom of the screen, it performs some scans side to access open applications or to get their hands on the controls of iTunes and you're done . The trick, of course, is that the button "home" is not necessarily the strongest part of an iDevice - if you have problems you should know that there are ways to fix itself - and would be very wise for Apple designers are addressing the issue for future versions of the platform.

And if they are lacking inspiration, they could easily go look towards the concept of s3ntry93 seen there is no shortage of interest. To bring up the multitasking bar on this concept, it suffices to support the bottom and in the middle of the screen. There is a vertical bar that has split the screen active, as Moses face to the Red Sea. The user will then have to place the finger on the application of their choice or to make small scans to access some common options like WiFi, Bluetooth and so on.

The result is not bad. After that, we can of course ask whether this concept is very an ergonomic point of view, but that is another debate.

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