An extension for Facebook DashClock

DashClock is surely one of Android applications talked about more right now. Since last week when Fred showed you this widget can be displayed on the home screen as the unlock screen , DashClock has indeed already suffered its first update and today is an extension that is about her, an extension to the widget that should delight everyone as it is simply DashClock Facebook Extension , an application that, as its name suggests, allows you to add Facebook notifications to widget, nothing more, nothing less. With this extension, so you can access directly from your widget, the number of unread messages and the number of notifications.

We note in passing that this application does nothing official: it is not developed by Facebook developers. However, it works well and does what is asked of him and that, ultimately, it is the principal.

DashClock Facebook extension is available for free on Google Play Store and requires DashClock have already installed ( we do not absolutely doubted ). Of course, as DashClock, it will not be available Android versions prior to 4.2. However, strange as it may seem to some, the extension does not need to have already installed the Facebook app itself.

All you have to do is quite simple: you install the extension and it is available in the list of extensions to add to your widget, you get a list of parameters that appear in the creation of the widget itself or via the new widget available since the last update. Then simply go into settings extension to connect with your Facebook account and set the update interval data.

DashClock thus continues to grow, and we should start to see flowering extensions of this kind everywhere.

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