iWatch Concept : Apple Intelligent Design Wristband Highly Attractive

The iWatch is it really you? Nobody knows. What is certain, in any case, is that we had no right to steal pictures of the beast. Of two things, either Apple has managed to keep secret his first shows connected, or it is an illusion, a mirage. It was not until the autumn to find out, but it obviously did not stop the creative and not a week goes by without that we see emerging new concepts being dedicated to him. The last was designed by a Stephenolmstead and should not leave anyone indifferent. This is normal because it is simply the best concept iWatch ever imagined.

With this new concept, Stephenolmstead wanted to create a watch that looks like... connected to any shows. And we must admit, when take a look at the first visual image was actually the impression of being a watch face more mundane. A round dial, hands that indicate the time..., a fine bracelet and discreet, two buttons, nothing out of the ordinary.

Finally, nothing except the lens, the microphone and the speakers located at the top and bottom of the dial. For indeed, this iWatch not only display information from an iPhone, iPod Touch or even an iPad, it will be able to recognize the voice of the user and even the films it wants. The best is to come also because it is even possible to make calls through it! You'll understand our creative brave pushed the concept too far by producing shows connected discreet, intelligent and especially complete.

By default, so this is a watch that is displayed on the board, a screen display designed to consume the least amount of energy possible. In case of notification, it will flop and displayed on the second hand the number of messages waiting. The user will then have to tap once on the screen of his watch to access embedded applications. There, well he will be spoiled for choice as can access to its SMS, its agenda, its pictures, the weather or even a compass. Better, leaving your finger on the screen for a few seconds, which is Siri gets underway.

And then there is the bracelet watch, interchangeable and available in several colours bracelet. A detail, certainly, but that its importance and should eventually attract all those who attach great importance to their "look."

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