Apple Releasing iOS7 Gold Master on September 5

The beta version of iOS7 succeeds at a frantic pace and the question everyone asks, finally, it is released when the Golden Master. BGR has seriously addressed the issue and the site has taken the initiative to contact his best sources to learn more about the subject. And if we are to believe the latter, then the GM of iOS 7 is scheduled for September 5 to Apple employees and partners. Developers, meanwhile, should be able to benefit from the September 10, just days before the launch of the final public version, a version that will be deployed at the same time as the iPhone and the iPhone 5S 5C.

But before the Golden Master, we should be entitled to a new beta version - the sixth - expected next week, probably Monday or Tuesday. Following this release, it is a GM that will be given to employees and partners of the firm, a GM should be deployed as of September 5.

Five days later, so the September 10, these are all people with an iOS Developer license should be able to get their hands on. An interesting time since AllTingsD believes, however, that the iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone could be unveiled at the same time. And Apple would kill two birds with one stone. However, it should wait a few more days before the final version of iOS 7 is deployed on all terminals of the firm. Interestingly, the deployment of the platform should be done in conjunction with the marketing of two new Smartphones cabbage. There is a good chance that they do not arrive on the market on 25 October, as suggested by the latest gossip dated, but towards the end of September.

It is obviously preferable to remember that all this information should be taken with caution. BGR has often flown in the past but this is not a reason to get excited too fast.

Update: Apple has deployed the sixth beta of iOS 7; it would appear that the organization is a little ahead of schedule BGR. This update would also only one goal; fix the bug that some users encountered with iTunes.

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