Google will not be entitled to the domain name

There will be no exceptions to the rule, even for Google. A few months ago, the Web giant has asked ICANN, in the context of applications for new domain name extensions, you can use the simple word "search" as a domain name. That is to say, to grant him the address "http://search/" without any suffix or prefix, so no points. These addresses are technically possible and called "doubtless domain name", domain name without dot (NDSP).

A few days ago, ICANN responded to this particular request is not. Manager prohibits the use of such addresses in the DNS ( Domain Name System ) for some time now, mainly for use and safety. And there is no reason to change his mind. Indeed, NDSP already use in local networks. The corporate IT department may well define "http://search/" as an address to an internal page of the information system. There would be confusion between the local address and one that wants to have Google, which wants universal.

Risk of data loss and theft

Another obstacle in the authorization of NDSP: algorithms automatic completion in browsers. They can transform a single word entered in the address bar at the FQDN. But this transformation is not unique in the world, but can vary depending on user habits, geographic area, etc. It is therefore likely that, once again, generate a lot of confusion.

Finally, a recent study commissioned by ICANN points to a series of security risk. Possible authorization of NDSP could compromise user cookies (data loss), the spread of XSS ( cross-site scripting ) and Facilitate attempts at usurpation.

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